Event Information for Revolution 2013
Thursday, July 4

  1. All payoffs include stronger start and tow money.   The goal is to benefit all race teams better!

  2. New racing program in effect.   Racing will start at 6:15 PM and all heat races will run continuously.  A quick track prep will be done before only before the Super LM feature.   Our goal is a timely program to be completed approximately 11:30.

  3. Super LM, Semi-LM Sportsman and Roadrunner will park in outer pits.  A-Cadet and Hobby-Modified will park in inner pits. 

  4. Hobby and Roadrunners race in a extended-lap, feature only format plus warm-ups.  Semi-Late Model Sportsman and Cadets will run heat races and feature, with no warm-ups.  Super Late Models will run warm-ups, heats, consolations and feature.

  5. Drivers meeting is at 5:45   Due to curfew, the event must start on time and pill draw closes also at 5:45.   Please arrive timely and allow for possible wait at gate.  Pill draw will not be extended for late arrivals. 

  6. Super Late Model car entry fee is $50 and will be deducted from final payoff.  No car entry fee for other classes.

  7. $400 Bonus to the 1st Crate Late Model with a top 5 finish in Semi-Late Model Sportsman OR $150 bonus to the top Crate Late Model finisher if outside the top 5.

  8. RACEceivers required for all divisions!   Drivers not adhering to RACEceiver orders will be DISQUALIFIED!  If you find during a caution your RACEceiver is not functioning, notify officials immediately!

  9. Westhold (yellow) or AMB (red) transponders (red) are required for Semi-LM Sportsman, A-Cadet and Hobby-Modified for this event.

  10. Competitors must purchase, lease or rent a transponder.    If competitors have their own AMB (red) or Westhold (yellow) transponder, they are requested to use it and to email the serial ID number to hesstonspeedway@hotmail.com before the race.  Track transponder rental is $15 for this event.

  11. Westhold (yellow) rechargeable transponder sets including transponder, charger and pouch are available from RACEceiver for $250 at this link http://www.raceceiver.com/p~48.php.

  12. If you do not have mounting bracket or pouch, you will be required to purchase one at the track.   Pouches are $15 and will be available at the pill draw.    If you are located near the track, please visit Eriksen Well Drilling during the week to purchase one.   Contact 814-658-3639.

  13. If installing bracket and/or transponder at the track, please plan on arriving early in order to enough time to perform proper and secure mounting.   Drivers must use proper screws or pop rivets for mounting to insure the protection of the transponder.   Drivers are responsible for transponder damage!


Order of Events      

*Laps May Be Adjusted for Car Counts or Time of Program!
*All Times Will Be 30 Minutes Earlier if July 7 Rain Date Is Utilized

2:00   Pit Gates Open
4:30   Grandstand Gates Open
5:45   Drivers Meeting for All Classes
5:45   Pill Draw Closes
6:15 1 lap Super Late Model Warm-Ups
  1 lap Roadrunner Warm-Ups
  1 lap Hobby-Modified Warm-Ups
    Quick Track Prep/National Anthem (15 mins)
7:00 11 laps Super Late Model Heats
  8 laps Semi-Late Model Sportsman Heats
  6 laps A-Cadet Heats
  11 laps Super Late Model Consolation
    Quick Track Prep/Redraws (15 mins)
  14 laps Roadrunner Feature (25 minute limit)
55 laps Super Late Model Feature
  30 laps Semi-Late Model Sportsman Feature
  22 laps A-Cadet Feature
  18 laps Hobby-Modified Feature