Transponders will be required for all events at Hesston Speedway in 2013 for Super Late Models, Late Model Sportsman, Cadets & Hobby-Modifieds!   $15/race rental fee will apply to those drivers who have not purchased units.

Transponder Mounting:
Bracket or pouch must be mounted in a vertical position with the hairpin clip on top.
  Bracket must be securely mounted to the frame/midplate with screws or pop rivets.  Transponder must have clear path to the track with no metal, etc between the transponder and the track.  Drivers are responsible for any transponder damage if using a track transponder!

Super Late Models & Late Model Sportsman:
Transponder must be mounted at the bottom of the midplate mounting bar, no farther forward than the midplate. 

Cadets & Hobby-Modified:
Transponder must be mounted on the side of right hand frame rail behind the rear axle at least
24" behind the center of the rear axle tube.   Transponder should be mounted on the inside of the frame rail if possible to protect the transponder. 

Transponder Purchase/Rental Information:

Hesston has purchased RACEceiver/Westhold Transponder system.  This system will be compatible with RACEceiver/Westhold transponders as well as AMB/MY laps transponders.  Hesston is investing in this new system since it allows the racers to purchase transponders at a much lower price!  It also allows competitors at other area tracks that have these transponders to use them when racing at Hesston.

Westhold (yellow) rechargeable transponder sets including transponder, charger and pouch are available from RACEceiver for $240 at this link RACEceiver/Westhold Transponder Purchase Information  This is the most economical option if planning on racing in more than 10 events at Westhold-compatible transponder tracks over the next seasons.

Hesston Speedway will allow drivers to use track AMB/My Laps transponders with no rental fee through September.  This will give race teams enough time to allow for the cost of the transponder purchase.  Drivers using track transponders must purchase a transponder bracket for $10 or a pouch for $15, which will be available at the pill draw. 

Beginning October 2012, race teams must purchase or rent a transponder.  Purchase of a transponder will be less expensive than nightly rentals after 15 races.  Hesston speedway will offer rentals for racers that have not purchased transponders by that date for $25 per race night.

AMB/MY Laps transponders will still be an option and can purchased directly from My Laps.   Direct wired and rechargeable units are available.    My Laps Website Transponder Purchase Information.  If competing at another track that uses only AMB/My Laps system, the AMB/My Laps transponder is necessary at that track and will work at Hesston also.

If you own a transponder please make sure to give your transponder number to the Electronic Scoring Technicians on your first visit to the speedway.   Rentals require a signature accepting responsibility returning the unit in the same condition it was issued and a drivers license.   Drivers will be responsible for replacing damaged rental units.

Drivers please keep in mind that the transponder system will allow for quicker lineups.  This will result in a savings in high fuel costs as well as allowing divisions to run more green flag laps in the racing program.

Hesston Speedway requires all drivers to use a one way receiver capable of receiving frequency 464.000.

RACEceiver Fusion 1600 or RACEceiver Elite 1600 one-way receivers may be purchased at the track through Goshorn
Racing Supply or from a number of retailers.  Any non-transmitting device capable of receiving frequency 464.000 is permitted.   Any questions regarding the sale or operation of the one-way radios should be directed to Goshorn Racing Parts at 814-599-5436 or RACEceivers Website or phone 886 301 7223.

The race director will be in contact via the one way radio to all drivers on frequency 464.000 during race events. Drivers will be informed of race conditions as necessary.  Information relayed to drivers will include green flag, caution and red flag conditions and locations and lineup positions.  Other than caution and red flag alerts, no communications are typically made during green flag racing.

RACEceiver Website